Wedding Program Templates, Covers and Custom Designs

What We Do

WPF is here to help brides and couples create programs for their wedding.

There are tons of samples on the site that you can use to gather ideas for your program.

We offer three memberships including:

  1. Free Membership – free wedding program templates
  2. Basic Membership – stock wedding program covers
  3. Custom Membership – we customize a stock cover with your wedding colors and wording and provide print ready PDFs.

You can learn more about each of these memberships at right and for details, click the red buttons under each section.

We also have a large selection of pre-printed wedding program paper that you can check out at the bottom of this page.


Free templates for creating your wedding programs. 18 templates in four formats including Corel Draw, InDesign, Publisher and Word. These are for design of the program wording.

These are great for those that like to do it yourself. Our collection of free templates are formatted to work perfectly with our pre-printed wedding program cover papers available at the bottom of this page and can also be used with our stock or customized covers.

Wedding Program Template 1


Basic membership includes all of our wedding program cover art that will enable you to create a beautiful wedding program using software you already have and a home printer.

If preferred, you can create the layout and take the file to a local printer, copy shop or send your completed template to an online printer.

You can also choose the Custom Membership and let us handle the program design and layout.



Let us handle the complete design and layout of your program customized with specified colors and wording.

Send us your wedding colors and wording template, we will send you a print ready file that can be printed on any laser or inkjet printer, taken to a local printer or ordered online.

This membership includes everything offered on the site including premium wording templates, stock program covers, program graphics and more.


Wedding Program Paper

Works Perfectly With Our Program Templates

Our free and premium wedding program templates are formatted to work perfectly with this type of pre-printed wedding paper.

These papers feature a color or grayscale cover, two blank inside panels and a blank back panel for your wedding ceremony information.

Standard paper size of 8 1/2″ x 11″ letter size paper will easily print on any inkjet or laser printer.

Economical Alternative

You can save lots of money on your program using pre-printed paper!

Use our free templates to create the inside and back of program and print the program in black ink on your home or office printer.

Since most of the ceremony information is text, you won’t use a ton of toner or ink and you will still get a stylish design for the front cover.

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