Why You Should Opt for Cheap Wedding Programs

Creating cheap wedding programs is an action many people want to accomplish. The main issue is that the majority have absolutely no direction on how to start. A person might feel paying top dollar for programs is a way to start. Some would end up preparing for that, while not knowing they are on the wrong path to saving money and still ending up with a comparable product.

It would be essential to understand that paying top dollar for programs and saving lots of money on wedding programs are two entirely different outcomes. We will precisely evaluate what you have to do to create or purchase cheap wedding programs.

 Although we can help you on that path, you first need to make sure that creating cheap wedding programs would be ideal for you. This type of wedding program is not for everybody, and you ought to think about that before preparing.

Make Wedding Program ReminderCreating cheap programs is not a long process and can be easily accomplished in a day or less. It would be ideal to get as ready as possible prior to starting. You should also know that cheap programs don’t have to look cheap.

To get started, reflect on these questions:

Do you have a limited wedding budget?

Do you like to save money?

Are you looking for a good quality program?

Ideally, you responded favorably to these specific questions. Then most likely creating cheap wedding programs is the right match for you. Kudos for committing to that initial step forward toward achieving your ambitions by continuing to read!

Guidelines for Creating Cheap Wedding Programs

— Searching the internet

Searching the internet is a critical part of the equation that everyone looking for cheap programs should achieve. If you are already used to searching the internet, when it’s time to make a cheap program, it would be something you do naturally.

— Comparing pricesSearch for Cheap Wedding Programs

A large part of the groundwork that is necessary to create a cheap program involves comparing prices. When you compare prices, it trains you to exist in the best mindset to achieve the utmost objective of creating budget-friendly programs. Don’t settle on the first couple of companies you uncover in search engines, you may have to search 4 or 5 pages deep on Google, Bing and other search engines for the best combination of companies and prices.

— Looking for a reputable provider

The secret to achieving a favorable outcome with creating cheap wedding programs would center on looking for a reputable provider, yet many people do not understand just how critical that really is! By looking for a reputable provider, you can see to it that you’re ready to create a cheap wedding program.

Getting the best result entails some effort spent over time. Realize that you aren’t the first individual in the world that has the goal of creating cheap wedding programs. In actuality, there are heaps of men and women all over that desire to obtain a budget-friendly program with good quality and a reasonable price tag. The reality is that numerous brides-to-be will actually take the plunge and accomplish it.

Don’t reflect on paying top dollar for programs. Creating cheap wedding programs usually involves one to be cash-strapped and financially savvy.

Cash StrappedAsk yourself once more: Do you have a limited wedding budget? Think of this question carefully, because individuals who have already purchased cheap programs possess one single thing in common: most are cash-strapped. You also are probably low on funds if you are looking to create your programs at the lowest cost.

Just know, looking for a reputable provider is necessary. Whenever your mind tells you that getting low cost wedding programs with high quality is impossible, just remember that one who is looking for a reputable provider will ignore the negativity and keep their thoughts on successfully saving money.

While you’re firing up your browser, comparing prices or scrutinizing providers, your goal should be to save a lot of money and get the best product possible.

Types of Cheap Wedding Programs

DIY Wedding Programs – this type of program usually involves searching for free wedding program templates on the internet. There are tons of free templates available.

Once you have found a template that will fit your ceremony layout, the next step is to edit the template with your information.

Keep in mind that you will probably want to design a cover for your DIY program that includes the names of the bride and groom, the venue, date and where the ceremony will be held.

As an alternative to creating the cover, there are lots of pre-designed wedding program paper that can be purchased at reasonable prices. This route would require less creative prowess as you would only need to make the template that has the ceremony information.

Wedding Program PaperThe most common type of pre-designed program paper is standard letter size paper (8 ½” x 11”). Most home printers handle this size paper with ease, which makes one less thing that can go wrong.

There are also companies include a cover design along with the rest of the template required to complete the program. You send them your ceremony info and they will send you a completed PDF ready for printing.

Once you have the template to your liking, it can be printed on a home printer, either on any blank paper that your printer will handle or pre-printed cover paper. With the pre-printed paper, the only other step required would be to fold the paper in half.

If you don’t have a home printer, the finished template can be taken to a local copy or print shop for completion, which is usually more cost-effective than letting the company handle the complete process including designing the program.

Save Money With Cheap Wedding Programs

Companies that Offer Budget Friendly Printed Programs

While doing-it-yourself if usually the cheapest route, there are companies that can produce your programs professionally, at a bargain price. This method is a total solution that relieves you of actually producing the program.

It usually involves picking out a design for the cover section and then submitting your ceremony details via online form or through a template file.

Your provider will take your information, complete the design of the program and send you an email with the proof for approval before printing begins. A good company will work with you until the design is perfected to your liking.

Once you approve the design, your programs will be printed and folded, if necessary and shipped to your door ready to hand out at your wedding.

This can usually be accomplished with 50 to 900 percent savings over premium programs depending on quantity needed.

Pros and Cons of Wedding Program TypesPros and Cons of Cheap Wedding Programs Verses Premium Programs

Cheap wedding programs do come with a few drawbacks when compared to premium programs.

Premium programs are usually printed on cover stock which is one of the main reasons that they cost a lot more. The cheaper variety usually prints on a text weight stock. Although text weight stock is several times lighter than a card stock, the right type works perfectly for programs. Most brochures use text weight stock.

Colors are usually limited on cheaper programs. For instance, if you use a company that offers pre-designed covers, no colors can be changed. You get what you see. This makes it harder to match your wedding colors. Even most premium programs have a limited number of color choices and they may not match your wedding colors exactly.

There are also usually more paper color choices on premium programs as opposed to cheap programs. As an example, our programs are produced on pre-printed, white 70 lb. text weight, white paper. The cover designs are printed via offset and the remainder of the program is printed via high resolution laser.

Most budget priced programs are printed digitally via high quality laser printers or copiers. Premium programs have a variety of printing choices such as thermography, foil stamping and even embossing, which is not possible on digital printers. Many premium programs are offset printed and many are printed digitally as well.

The biggest advantage of cheap programs is their cost-effectiveness. By utilizing a set process and lower cost materials, the end product is a nice, functional program without the excessive cost.

If you choose premium programs, you have more options for printing, heavy weight paper and more elegance with a price tag that can be two to nine times or more than budget programs.

Price Comparison of Wedding Program TypesPrice Comparison of Cheap Wedding Programs Verses Premium Programs

So how about some price comparisons of your choices. There are a few large wedding program printers that offer premium programs. They can easily be found in the search engines and with a small amount of effort you can figure out who they are. I’m going to call two of them Company A and Company B.

Criteria for the comparison will be printed prices on each company’s standard stock, with no extras in quantities of 50, 250 and 500.

Finished (folded) program size for the premium programs – 5” x 7.875” for Company A, 5” x 7” for Company B and 5 ½” x 8 ½” for weddingprogramsfast.com. All programs are half-fold. Standard turnaround times listed after proof has been approved, this does not include shipping time.

Company A and B will be compared to weddingprogramsfast.com budget friendly programs.

Company A$144.50$610.00$1,195.008-10 Bus. Days
Company B$152.00$660.00$1,320.001 Bus. Day
Wedding Programs Fast$45.95$82.95$127.951 Bus. Day

Standard shipping time for Company A is 1 to 5 business days, Company B is 8 to 10 business days. Wedding Programs Fast standard shipping time is 2 to 3 days.

It’s Your Choice

What is spent on your wedding programs is a personal decision. Programs are one of the last items that come to attention when planning a wedding. If you have budgeted for premium programs, there’s nothing wrong with going that route.

If your wedding budget is depleted, cheap wedding programs are a good choice. Even if you have planned for premium programs, you owe it to yourself to think about what you could do with the money saved by opting for budget programs. Upgraded accommodations on the honeymoon, moving expenses, better gifts for your wedding party, etc., etc. etc. Any way you look at it, it’s more money in your pocket when you choose the budget solution.

And remember, you will still have nice, classy programs to hand out to guests at the wedding.

It's Your Choice