Guide to Printable Wedding Programs


Basically, printable wedding programs are paper products that can be printed at home on laser or inkjet printers to create a wedding program. The paper usually contains some pre-printed designs which your information is added to complete the program.

Printable Wedding Programs SizePrintable wedding programs can be found on many internet sites in numerous layouts and designs. The most common size is 8 ½” x 11”, letter size, because this is the default size for most home printers, making it simpler for someone not familiar with printing programs regularly to successfully produce their own programs.

The program folds in half after printing, leaving the finished size 5 ½” x 8 ½”, this is referred to as statement size. When folded, the program actually contains four panels; the cover, two inside panels and the back panel.

This type of printable wedding program most often contains a design for the cover portion of the program that will give you a head start on creating the finished design. This is the easiest part, simply search the internet until you find a design with wording and colors that match your wedding colors.

The two inside panels commonly contain the wedding ceremony information and the wedding party listed by roles. There are many sites that offer templates for designing this part of the program. You can find over 20 free wedding program templates on

Wedding Program Paper Back TemplatesThe back panel can be used for many things including; a thank you note for those that attended the wedding, directions to the reception, the couple’s new address, a poem, quote, photos and more. Wedding Programs Fast includes several templates for designing the back panel of your program.

To make printable wedding programs you will have to have page layout software such as Word, Publisher, InDesign or Corel Draw. Most providers of quality wedding program templates offer them in one of these formats. If you don’t have one of these types of programs, you can download a free alternative program such as Open Office that will allow you to work with Word files. Our site offers templates in all of these formats, including Open Office native format.

Printable Wedding Programs Step-by-Step

  1. Determine if you have the equipment to create the program. You will need a laser or inkjet printer and page layout software – with Word, Corel Draw, Publisher and InDesign being the most common. If you don’t have one of these, download and install a free alternative such as Open Office.
  2. Search for and purchase printable wedding program paper with a design you like and matches your wedding colors as close as possible. Make certain that your printer can handle the size and thickness of the program. Order more paper than you need, you will need test sheets to get the alignment right, allow for misprints, errors in folding, etc.
  3. While waiting for your paper to arrive, download templates to create the inside and back panels of your program. Complete the template with your wedding information and save.
  4. Test print on blank paper, fold, and adjust the layout if needed to make sure you have even margins all the way around each panel. Make sure tabs and leaders are aligned correctly.
  5. Proofread your printed program carefully and correct errors in wording if needed.
  6. Proofread again, you can never be too careful with wording. Make sure names are correctly spelled.
  7. When the printable wedding programs arrive, print a test sheet, fold, check alignment and adjust if needed.
  8. Print your programs and fold.

Printable Wedding Programs Step-by-Step

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Common Questions About Printable Wedding Programs

Is it really hard to print my own wedding programs? If you are familiar with a page layout program, it will be fairly easy to print your own programs. This is especially true if you purchase paper that your printer can handle. If you try to run cover stock program paper they will have to be fed manually for each side and will complicate the process.

Will a novice be able to create the template successfully? My advice would be to work with one section at a time. Select the text you want to change and type your information over it. Most of the common problems when working with our templates center around tabs and leaders getting misaligned.

Can I really save a lot of money printing my own programs? Yes you can if you get it right the first time and you will end up with a good result if your printer’s resolution is good and can handle the paper. Remember that inkjet and toner cartridges aren’t cheap and that cost will have to be factored into producing your program.

Questions About Printed Wedding ProgramsDo you have any tips for obtaining the best end result with my programs? I would suggest using a site such as that have printable wedding programs and free templates that are made to fit that type of paper. You may run into problems if you try to mix templates from one site and paper from another.

How much time should I allow to create my programs? You will need to allow a few days for shipping of the printable wedding program paper. While you are waiting, get your template ready to print. Many professional sites, including ours, can ship your program within a day or two of receiving your approved template.

What are the benefits of printing my own programs? In most instances, you will save money and you are in total control of the process.

What are the drawbacks of printing my own program? You are in total control of the process, this means you will have to edit and align the template correctly, then print the completed product. Printing quality may be sub-par depending on your printer.

Are there any good alternatives to printing my own programs? Absolutely, our company and others can professionally print your programs. When you figure in your toner or inkjet cartridge costs, the professional solution is comparable. It will free you from the production part of the process. You can also be assured that professionals will be able to create the layout perfectly from your submitted template, you won’t have to worry about tabs, leaders, alignment issues and quality printing of the finished product.


Conclusion on Printable Wedding Programs

Whether or not you choose to use printable wedding programs to create your ceremony program is a personal choice that’s entirely up to you. If you are knowledgeable about page layout programs and are used to printing on your home printer, good results are easily doable.

If you are a total beginner in the above areas, I would suggest having a pro do the job for you. You will be assured of a quality program and you can still save money. This will also free up more time to concentrate on planning other areas of your wedding ceremony.