Sample Wedding Programs

Sample wedding programs from will help you create a nice program efficiently, easily and affordably in no time.

Browse over 20 sample wedding programs to get scores of ideas for your design. Every sample includes ideas that have been used repeatedly by couples all over the country.

The Wedding Ceremony

View standard order of ceremony ideas for each part of the wedding proceedings. The heading usually contains names of the couple, date, time and venue. This information could also be placed on the program cover if desired.

The ceremony section usually begins with a prelude and seating of the parents and grandparents with music and continues through the recessional.

There are numerous ways to layout the ceremony design and it can be made to your exact specifications since it’s your wedding! Nothing is set in stone.

With the use of tabs and leaders, the ceremony happenings can be presented in an easy to read and follow format. Use the sample wedding programs as a guide and customize it to your liking.

The Wedding Party

Most of the samples include a section for the wedding party. Here you can list those who are participating in your big day.

The wedding party is basically comprised of the maid/matron of honor and bridesmaids, best man and groomsmen, flower girl and ring bearer, ushers and register attendants.

The officiating minister, vocalists and musicians can also be listed along with family members such as the parents and grandparents and special guests.

The Program Back

As you can see on the sample wedding programs, the back can include items such as a photo of the couple, thank you note, wedding poems, quotes, a special dedication, invitation to the reception, directions to reception and more.

Be sure to use the sample wedding programs to create a program that will guide your guest through the proceedings of your ceremony.

Remember, it is your wedding day and the program can be created the way you want it as the samples are simply meant to be a starting place and guide for creating your program layout.

Sample Wedding Programs