Wedding Program Paper

We offer several wedding program paper stock cover designs on which we imprint your ceremony with professional quality laser printers which produce an archival type print needed for a family heirloom wedding ceremony program. You can also purchase the paper and print ceremony information on your own printer.

Either way, it’s simple and affordable because all of our templates were created specifically for this type of paper. Design the inside and back of your program the way you want it to be. Our templates make it easy to add photos, clipart, poems, quotes or anything else you can imagine.

Click here to view all available templates from one page. Wedding program templates are available for Christian and Catholic ceremonies and we also have a collection of templates for the back page of the program.

Templates can be downloaded in Corel Draw, Word, Publisher, InDesign and Open Office formats.

About Our Wedding Program Paper

Program cover designs are offest printed via 4-color presses on white 60 lb. or 70 lb. opaque text paper which is about one and one half times thicker than typing paper. Opaque means that you can’t see through it as easy when it’s held up to a light source. Ceremony information will be printed via high resolution laser printers.

Each cover design to work perfectly with every free wedding program template we have on the site.

This combination gives you the opportunity to get a very nice program for your wedding ceremony, at a great price.

Blank Program Paper

If you prefer to print the programs at home, and want to save even more, purchase blank wedding programs. Blank programs will have the full color cover design you select pre-printed on letter size paper.

Complete the programs by printing the inside and back sections on your laser or inkjet printer and then fold.

Wedding Program Paper Designs