Wedding Program Templates

The wedding program templates on this page can be used to create your ceremony template for use with our wedding program printing service.

To get started, download the template you like best and enter your ceremony information into the template and save it.

When you are ready to order, follow the instructions here or click the How to Order link at the top of this page. Feel free to use our templates for your personal ceremony even if you don’t order programs from us.

Create wedding program templates with popular programs

File formats you can download are Corel Draw, InDesign, Publisher, Word and Open Office and are available on the download page of each template.

Links to the free fonts that were used in the program templates are included on the download page for each program. Click the blue info icon below each graphic to open the download page for each.

You can also click on the thumbnails for an enlarged view of each template.

Templates for Wedding Program Back Panel

Check out our collection of wedding program back templates that are designed for the back panel of our program paper.

View Back Templates